Aromaland offers innovative product development, joint testing and testing in world-class laboratories (Germany), presentations and collections of new products based on global trends, marketing research.


Consumer & Market Insights

Market Understanding
  • Trends mapping
  • Target group profiling
  • Segment analysis & benchmarking
  • Consumer needs and expectations (e.g. claim, labelling)
Creating Values
  • Increasing consumer acceptance
  • Authentic consumer products in line with brand identity
  • Delivering innovation & novelties

Harmonization / change of taste

Harmonisation Process
  • Understanding taste preferences and brand portfolio needs
  • Flavour evaluation
  • Recipe adjustment
Creating Values
  • Reducing complexity
  • Increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Developing an iconic flavour set based on consumer preferences (e.g.: building block system)

Portfolio Optimisation

Optimisation Approach
  • Targeting/identifying brand
  • Flavour iconing
  • Flavour evaluation
  • Applying flavour house expertise
Creating Values
  • Slimming down ingredients list (transparency)
  • Applying taste solutions
  • Providing clean label and helping with regulatory restrictions